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By Maria Espinosa


Finding QUALITY job leads when using online Career Search Engines can be difficult. Unfortunately many people with ill-intentions are taking advantage of job seekers in this tight employment market.

The easiest way to tell if it is indeed a real company is to look for the company’s:

  1. Name OR
  2. Logo OR
  3. Email address of an employee (that address would not have the Career Search Engine extension on the end) OR
  4. Full address OR
  5. Phone number OR
  6. Website address


Once you know the company information do an Internet search and GO DIRECTLY TO THEIR WEBSITE. Check to see if you can fill out your application through the website directly instead of through the Career Search Engine where you discovered the lead.

Many Career Search Engines have more savvy software then actual companies and they will scan your application/resume and review it before anyone at the company has a chance to even see your qualifications. The Career Search Engine acts like an Employment Agency in excluding candidates’ for companies and you want to deal with companies directly.

If a company is not willing to put their information online, then our recommendation is DO NOT APPLY!!! This is especially true when it says Company Confidential. There are many colleges that post bogus job leads to lure you in to supplying your contact information so they can contact you about their expensive educational programs.

Your classroom facilitator can be of great assistance in weeding out great choices from poor ones. YOUR JOB IS TO ASK FOR ASSISTANCE!!!

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