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The GAIN Division, in collaboration with public and private agencies, empowers individuals and families toward self-sufficiency through quality programs that motivate, evaluate, train, and educate.


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Has it been a while since you've had to use your math skills?  Need to brush up on your reading comprehension? Before you go to your vocational assessment appointment click here for test preparation assistance and an overview of the vocational assessment process.

It seems like one minute you're reveling in the thrill of walking across the stage on graduation day and the next you're trying to control your nerves as you begin your very first "real" job. Sure you are thrilled to finally get started on your life but, hey, when did you suddenly became a... (click title to read more)
What's a psychology major to do after graduating from college? You could become a psychologist but to do that you will generally need a doctoral degree. That means at least another five years in school. Admission to doctoral programs is very competitive, with clinical psychology programs being... (click title to read more)
Six Things to Know About Computer and Information Systems (CIS) Managers: They coordinate and direct entities' computer-related activities. There are several job titles that fall under this general occupation. They are chief information officer, chief technology officer, information... (click title to read more)
My father really wanted me to be a teacher. I think he liked the stability, hours and pay associated with that career. It certainly had nothing to do with my abilities. I am not patient and I'm not particularly good at working with children. While he didn't have a daughter who wanted to become a... (click title to read more)
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