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The GAIN Division, in collaboration with public and private agencies, empowers individuals and families toward self-sufficiency through quality programs that motivate, evaluate, train, and educate.


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The Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) has published the latest edition of their economic forecast for the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  The 96 page report is quite comprehensive including economic information from the international perspective down to the local Los Angeles County level.

The forecast projects modest economic growth for Los Angeles County over the next two years particularly in the areas of high-tech manufacturing, entertainment, tourism, construction, and professional and business services. Trailing sectors include financial activities and State/Local government spending.

The report also projects that unemployment will fall to single digits in the next two years. However, manufacturing may see a rise in unemployment. One bright spot is the increase in capitalization of our emerging creative industry known as "Silicon Beach".  This emerging industry is expected to increase as venture capital begins to take an interest in the creative talent in Los Angeles County.

If you would like to read the report or download a copy, please click the link below.

2013-2014 Economic Forecast and Industry Outlook

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